1 Simple Thing will Improve Your Photography Instantly

How to improve Photography or how to improve Photography instantly often being asked by the beginners?

There are so many answers to this question and there are so many things you can do to improve your Photography.


  • play with different camera settings.
  • choose the Right time to shoot the Images.
  • use Proper lighting techniques
  • play with shadows and light
  • taking photographs of the beautiful places
  • shoot the beautiful models
  • shooting the children
  • You can use high-quality Premium Lenses and Camera Accessories etc.

And many other tips and tricks to make your image look better and no doubt they would improve your Photography.

But 1 thing which you need to know before anything else to make your Photographs or Images look Professional and way better instantly is Learning Rules of Composition.

What is rules of Composition and How it can Improve Your Photography Instantly?

The Rules of Composition is nothing but basic guidelines which you need to follow while framing the subject matter in your images before you press the Shutter Button.

Let us see it this way. If in your living room, all the things are scattered here and there and they are not at their respective places.

How would that look? Ugly and not Pleasing at all, right?

1 Simple Thing will Improve Your Photography Instantly 1

And if you arrange all the objects in the living room properly and put them to their respective places, How that would look?

Pretty and Pleasing! Right?

how to improve Photography Instantly

Similarly, in the images also, you need to frame everything properly so that it looks amazing and pleasing to the eyes.

If you do not arrange or frame the subjects or objects it the Photographs or images then it would never look Professional and it would be called a Snapshot and not a Photograph.

A simple arrangement of things in the photographs can drastically improve how they look even though you have not used any fancy equipment or any other things mentioned above.

But if you use all those techniques or equipment then your Photography would improve drastically and your images would look even more Professional.

What are some Easy Rules of Composition which can Improve Photography Instantly?

There are the whole bunch of Rules of Composition which you can learn and apply to the different genre of Photography.

But if I am supposed to suggest few of them, which are easy to understand and apply, and would improve your Photography instantly then those are:-

  1. Rule of Thirds
  2. Leading Lines

How to use Rule of Thirds to Improve Photography?

Rule of thirds is simple and it can instantly improve your Photography & can give your images Professional Look.

While Looking at the View Finder or LCD Screen of you Camera, you need to Imagine that your Frame is Divided into 9 equal Parts by 2 vertical and 2 horizontal lines.

You need to place your main subject on one of these lines or on the point where they intersect.

However, you need not be accurate about this but it should be around that roughly.

This simple step would add some extra space on the image for the viewer’s eye to travel and make it interesting.

how to improve Photography Instantly

How to use Leading Lines to Improve Photography?

We all are surrounded by lines and patterns. So, we can take advantage of those lines, patterns, geometry shapes etc. to improve our Photography.

While shooting we can place our main subject in the starting or end or middle of these lines.

Photographs or Images Look more Professional and magnetic if we use lines, patterns, geometry shapes etc. in the images.

As our eyes are naturally drawn to the lines, patterns and geometry shapes.

how to improve Photography Instantly

So, use these before you learn to mess up with Camera Settings, Camera gears & accessories, lighting and all others stuffs because if you have not framed your subject properly then all things would not help you to improve your Photography.


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