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  1. So I really liked your YouTube video called: “How To Add Like And Subscribe Button On Youtube Video Premiere Pro- The Easy Way.” I don’t mind buying those buttons, but am I buying from you? What is envato? Why are you trying to send me to them. I don’t want to subscribe to envato b/c I don’t know what it is, I just want to buy buttons. Can you please explain what is going on there?
    Thanks, and thanks again for your video explainer.

    1. harshvardhan

      Thank you for contacting me. This subscriber button pack does not belong to me. I have purchased it from Envato and I am an affiliate to that. If you buy through my link I will get some small commission. If you need any other help please contact me directly via dm on Instagram for the quick reply. My Instagram id is @harshvardhanart.

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