Frozen Effect Photoshop | Frost Effect- Photoshop

Frozen Effect Photoshop -Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial

In this Tutorial, you are going to learn how to create the Frozen Effect or Frost Effect in Photoshop Easily.

Frozen Effect has become very popular after Disney’s Frozen movie.

Frozen Effect is quite Easy to Create in Photoshop and using this Technique we can easily turn any image or the Part of the Image into frozen or Frost Effect.

This is a very fun tutorial and you can create amazing frozen images in Photoshop.

This technique can be used to give the Frozen Look to the Texts also.

For this Tutorial, we are going to take the below image of the Model which you can download by clicking here along with other resources for practice.

[twenty20 img1=”32624″ img2=”32625″ width=”50%” offset=”0.5″ align=”left”]

Using the Frost technique, we are going to give this Model image the following link.

Download Exercise Files

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frozen effect photoshop


frozen effect photoshop

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