4 Different Ways to Open Images in Photoshop You Probably Don’t Know | Photoshop Tutorial


4 Different Ways to Open Images in Photoshop You Probably Don’t Know!

Hi in this tutorial I will be showing you 4 different ways to open Images in Photoshop some of which you probably don’t already know.

In this tutorial you will also learn the difference between Open-Place Embedded & Place Linked in Photoshop.

This is quick Photoshop Tutorial which is going to be very hand while doing Images Editing or Post Processing in Photoshop.

The easiest method to open an image or supported file in Photoshop is by going to File and Selecting open option or You can choose Shortcut Keyboard Command Ctr+O or CMD+O.

But Beside this there are Three other Options to Open an Image in Photoshop which are:

  • Using Place Embedded Option

  • Using Place Linked Option

  • Using Drag and Drop Option 

Some of these Methods you Probably don’t know already!

Please do share your thoughts and questions in the comment section below.


Thank You!


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