WD My Passport 4 TB Review-Best External Hard Drive

WD My Passport 4 TB Review-Best External Hard Drive

WD My Passport 4 TB Review-Best External Hard Drive for Backup and Storage

In the previous post, we have unboxed the WD My passport for 4 TB External Hard Drive Backup Storage.

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And in this post, we will do a detailed review of WD my passport 4 TB External backup storage.

Why Take Backup of Your Data?

If you are a photographer or YouTuber or a content creator then you must be in need of constant back up of your data.

And in case you are a Professional Photographer shooting for clients, then it becomes absolutely necessary that you take regular backup of your shoots so that you don’t lose the precious files of the clients.

Why Storing your Data on Internal Storage is Bad Idea and Dangerous?

But most of us store our data be it shoot images, videos, or other files on the internal storage of our PC or Laptop, which is actually a dangerous habit and we should immediately change it.

Internal storage is always prone to virus infection and at any point of time you may end up losing all your data. When our Internal Hard Drive crashes or gets infected with Virus we realize the importance of backup.

What to do to avoid Data Loss?

Therefore, you need to have your data backed up at least on 2-3 different places. One can be your internal hard disc drive, second can be cloud storage and third which is the best one is External Hard Disc Drives.

If we talk about Cloud Storage, it is first not that affordable and second, it can be a pain to access the data when you don’t have fast internet access especially for large files.

What is the Best Storage Option?

That is why External storage is the best option to store and access your data quickly because you don’t need the internet access to reach out to your files.

There are different options available in External Hard drives but I prefer something which is portable, relabel and affordable.

WD My Passport 4 TB Review-Best External Hard Drive 1

WD My Passport 4 TB Review-Best External Hard Drive 2

Why choose WD My Passport External HDD?

Pros of WD My Passport

Portable Size

That is where the WD My Passport External USB Hard Drive comes in handy. This one is small in size, which can fit in your pocket which means you can carry it anywhere without worrying about the size. Other backup drives have a very bulky size which is not very convenient to carry around. But WD My Passport 4 TB or 1 TB or 2 TB is of very small size which is very convenient to carry with you be it your office, travel or the Shoot. This makes is the best portable backup storage for Travel, office or Photography purpose.

USB 3.0

Beside this WD My Passport is self-powered with USB 3.0 which means you can directly plug it into your laptop or PC and it would be ready to take backup without any extra Power cable. This feature is very helpful as you can take backup on the go, whether you are travelling or you are on a shoot or at work.

Fast Data Transfer Speed

Since WD My Passport Powered by USB 3.0 Technology it gives you very fast data transfer speed up to 150 MB per second which save you a lot more time.

Automatic Backup

With WD My Passport you will get the Automatic Backup software absolutely free which would help you take an auto backup of any folder on your PC or Laptop without you worrying about anything.

This is an amazing feature as this would remove one extra task of transferring or backing up your files. With this automatic feature what you can do is set up a folder for backup purpose on your pc or laptop and then just drop your shoot images or videos there and connect your WD My Passport External drive and done.

You all the files in that folder would be backed up automatically and you can focus on other important things. This gives peace of mind.

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Available in Trendy Cool Colours and Design

WD My Passport 4 TB Review-Best External Hard Drive for Backup and Storage
Cool Trendy Design and Colours WD My Passport 4 TB Review

WD My Passport comes in the latest Cool and Trendy Colours which makes it stand out and appeal to the youngsters. It comes in Royal Blue, Vibrant Red, Orange, Yellow, White and Black Colours.  Above all the design of WD, My Passport is just amazing and pleasing to eyes. Design of this is what you call the owner’s pride.  When you will hold it in your hand, you will feel it is very sturdy and solid.


My Passport comes at an affordable price which is nothing compared to the value of your data.

At the time of writing this post, WD MY Passport 4 Tb costs around Rs. 7699 and $ 98 in US Doller.

Click here to see Price on Amazon India

Click here to see Price on Amazon USA


Which one should you Buy-I TB 2 TB or 4 TB?

The answer to this question depends on your need for the storage but if you for 4 TB over 2 TB or 2 TB over 1 TB then you will find out that there is only 25% difference. So, if you will spend 25% more then you will double the storage and more is always better because either today or tomorrow you will need more storage and then you don’t have to buy extra HDD.

So, always go for higher if it fits your budget.

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Cons of WD My Passport

Short USB Cable Length

It comes with a short USB cable which makes it difficult sometimes to connect to the Laptop or the PC. Due to the short cable, you need to keep it next to the Laptop or PC.

Can not Connect to USB Extention Wire

The only problem I felt with the WD My Passport 4 TB External HDD is that you can not connect it via the USB Extension cable. If you are using a USB EXtension cable for connecting this HDD Drive on the PC, it will not detect it. So, you need to connect it directly to the USB Port on the CPU panel which is mostly on the backside. That is very inconvenient but for laptop, there is no such problem as the USB ports are direct and you can connect easily.


Considering all the Pros and Cons, My view is that this is the Best External Storage Hard Drive for any need.

Overall Rating:- 9

Design Rating-9



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