Walking Towards Light-A Photo Manipulation for Beginners-Introduction
Part-2 Walking Towards Light- Adding Sky in Photoshop



Part-1 Walking Towards Light- Basic Editing using Camera Raw Filter

This is a 8 Parts tutorial where we will take one Ordinary image shot by Phone Camera and we will convert it into something extraordinary using Photoshop Magic.

We will learn lots of techniques in this tutorial like :-

  • Replacing Sky in Photoshop
  • Creating Sun in the sky from Scratch in Photoshop
  • Creating Vignette Effect in Photoshop
  • Recovering Week Camera Sensor result in Photoshop
  • De-Jpeg Artifacts in Photoshop
  • Basic Colour Grading in Photoshop
  • Making Colours more Vibrant in Photoshop Easy Technique
  • etc.

Download Free Exercise Files & Source Files!

Thank You for Watching!

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