How to Create Bokeh Light Effect in Photoshop | Full Pro Tutorial Photoshop Free Part-1


How to Create Bokeh Light Effect in Photoshop | Full Pro Tutorial Photoshop Free Part-1


Sometimes when we Photograph something at night using Shallow Depth of Field means wider Aperture like F 1.8 or F 1.4 we get beautiful Bokeh Light Effect if there are some lights at the distance from the subject. You can also create that intentionally using some kind of Light wires which are used for decoration during celebration such as Christmas or New Years’e eve or as in India like Diwali or Deepawali which is festival of lights. We Celebrate Diwali or Deepawali with lighting lots of Candles and Earthen Lamps and also Light wires.

Few days ago to celebrate this Festival Mood I shot some images of Candles and Earthen Lamps and tried to create some good Bokeh Effect using F-1.8, Aperture using my Nikkor 35mm lens. I also added some Light Bulb wires in the background and turned off the lights. But the result was not pleasing as the Photo was dominated by dark Black colour and since the Light Bulbs were not far away from the subject, the Bokeh effect was also minimum.

So, I thought I should fake the Beautiful Bokeh Effect in my Post Processing workflow in Adobe Photoshop and the result was really awesome. In this tutorial I will be showing you exactly How to create that Bokeh Light Effect with Just few simple steps. Here for the tutorial I am using Adobe Photoshop 2015 but the Tools which are used here can found in the previous versions of the Photoshop as well.

If you want to accelerate Your Learning I would suggest you to follow along using Exercise or Project files or you can use your own image or assets.

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