Concept Art Tutorial | Photo Manipulation Effects Photoshop

Concept Art Tutorial | Photo Manipulation Effects Photoshop

Concept Art is a photo manipulation technique in which several images or parts of images are combined in adobe Photoshop to create a new surreal scene which shows  or depicts some concept. Various effect of colors and tones like vignette, hue, saturation, gradiant map, levels, curves etc tools are used to convey emotion and drama to the scene.  This  is an Advance technique which is good for the person who is familiar with basic know how of the photoshop and want to learn this advance composition method and to take his editing or post processing skills to  the  next leve. I  have  tried to explain each and  everything in this tutorial but if I  missed something which you are curious about  or has any query please leave it in the comment sections and I would try  to respond. Thanks for watching!

Please do leave your views and comments about this tip or trick or if you know any good trick or tips in photoshop and want me to do a video tutorial on that then please leave that in the comment section below.

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