Photo Manipulation in Photoshop Free Full Pro Tutorial – Magical Landscape-Part- 4


Photo Manipulation in Photoshop Full Pro Tutorial – Magical Landscape -Part-4


I will Post Remaining Parts Soon! Stay Tuned!
Are you one of those who wants to take stunning Landscape images but you don’t find those magical locations? or are you one of those who don’t always get everything right in camera like perfect dramatic sky or objects? or are you one of those who struggle to take that stunning shot on the appropriate time like the golden hour of the day i.e. sunset or sunrise? or are you one of those who feel frustrated with the final landscape image of you favourite location despite putting everything right? If answer to those question is in affirmative then you are at the right place. This Pro Tutorial or course is designed to teach some useful tips and tricks to get everything perfect in the post processing or editing workflow in Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. Here you would learn all the techniques of Photo Manipulation in Adobe. Like Replacing sky in the Adobe Photoshop, Creating the tone and feel with the help of color grading, faking Sun or Creating artificial Sun in the Photoshop, basic Raw Processing workflow in the Adobe Lightroom. Creating or Adding Lens Vignette effect in the Photoshop or the Lightroom, placing Birds in the sky etc. You would learn a lot of techniques in the Pro Tutorial or course which would be helpful for your Editing or Post Processing workflow.
This tutorial is targeted at Beginners to intermediate users as Advance users will not find anything new here. So, if you are a beginner and Intermediate user of Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop then this course is perfect for you to add some new skills to your knowledge base which would take your photographs or images to the next level. Best of Luck! Please do leave the feedback and Please subscribe to My channel for latest updates and Videos!


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