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How I made 127$ from single Image-My Bestseller Images-Stock Photography

How I made 127$ from single Image-My Bestseller Images-Stock Photography

My Bestseller Images on Stock Photography Site | How much have I earned-Find out

In this video, you will find out my Top Selling images on Stock Photography Sites.

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You will also learn how much I have earned with those images and the number of times they were downloaded on IstockPhoto by Getty Images, Stock Photography site.
This video is for little motivation which would help you decide whether you want to do stock photography.
My Top Selling Images on IstockPhoto or Getty Images were shot 3-4 years back are still selling and giving me passive income. These images are also selling on other Stock Photography sites and making me money.

In this report, I have included only istockphoto by Gettyimages and one of my top-performing Stock Photography Site. If you are interested in finding out how much money have I made selling photos on Stock Photography sites then check out this post. My Stock Photography Earning | How much can You Earn doing it Occasionally


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