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10 Must have Accessories for Every Photographer 2018

Must for Every Photographer whether you are a Beginner or the Professional

must have accessories for every photographer

Disclaimer:- This Post includes some Affiliate links which means if you purchase any of the Product I might get some commission.

If you are a Professional Photographer then you might already have these must-have Accessories for every photographer.

But if you are just starting out in Photography or a new Photographer, then you must Get these Accessories.

These Accessories will help your Photography and would even Protect your Photography Gears.

These Accessories for Photographer is available online and you can get them from Amazon or Flipkart or any other online store.

1. UV Filter

So, you have spent a fortune on Buying your First DSLR  camera (assuming you are just starting out) if not check out this guide to Buy DSLR Camera.

And now the First thing which you need to do is Protect your Camera Lens from Scratch and other Harmful materials.

You can Protect your Camera Lens using UV Filter which you can put in front of your Lens.

So, the next Must have accessories for Every Photographer is Uv Filter.

Uv Filter not only helps to Protect the Camera Lens from Scratch, dust or moisture but it also helps de-hazing in foggy or sunny lighting conditions.

So, it is recommended that you try to buy the good quality UV Filter like Uv Filter from Hoya.

Though it costs little more in the beginning, but it still costs less than your camera Lens as it is one of the most important parts of your DSLR Camera.

2. Lens Cleaning Kit

Alright! Now you have put the UV Filter on your Camera Lens so the Next Accessories which every Photographer need is the Lens Cleaning Kit.

Since we have to take images in every condition and you know dust is everywhere and sometimes we accidentally touch out lens front, mostly while changing the lens or otherwise.

And it leaves our fingerprints on the lens.

So, we need to clean the dust and any fingerprints off the lens though now it is on our UV Filter we still need to clean it to get Clean and Sharp Images.

So, the next Must have accessories for Every Photographer is Lens, Cleaning Kit.

For this task Lens, Cleaning Kit comes in handy.

3. Wireless Remote Shutter Release

When we get a new DSLR Camera after taking our Friens or family members images we also want to take our own Portrait or Self Portrait.

Taking Self-Portrait with a Big Giant DSLR Camera is a very daunting impossible task without the help of any kind of Remote Shutter Release Button.

So, the next Must have accessories for Every Photographer is Wireless Remote Shutter Release.

Remote Shutte Release helps you click the Shutte Button from some distance to the Camera.

So, you can easily take Amazing Self Portrait.

All you need to do is select Shutter Release Option as Remote Shutter Release from your Camera Settings and you are good to go.

4. Tripod

The Next must-have accessories for every Photographer is Tripod.

The tripod helps you to mount your DSLR Camera so that you can take Steady shots.

For taking self-portraits also you need to have Tripod so that you can fire the Shutter Button from the Distance.

Tripod also helps you give your arms rest because initially you will not be used to the heavy weight of your Camera.

If you want to take the Landscape Images and especially the Long Exposure Images then Tripod is an Absolute must.

Tripod is a one-time investment so if you can afford to buy then go for a decent Steady and Heavy Tripod.

5. External Hard Drive

Now you have started taking lots of Images and you need to take Backup of your images on your PC or Laptop.

For this purpose, you need to have lots of Disc Space on your Internal HDD (Hard Disc Drive) or you can Backup your images or Videos on External Hard Drive.

So the next must-have accessories for every Photographer is External Hard Drives.

These External Hard Drives comes in various sizes ranging from 1 TB to 10+ TB or more.

6. External Microphone

If you have purchased a new DSLR Camera then most likely it would have Video Shooting capability.

You know that Video is the Next Big thing and with the improved quality to Shoot Amazing Professional Videos with DSLR camera everyone is trying their hands on Video.

But unfortunately, most DSLR Cameras don’t have a good microphone so the sound quality you will get with inbuilt Microphone would be not so good.

Audio is the Half of Every Video and if want your videos to look like Professional you need to get an External Microphone.

So the next must have accessories for every Photographer is External Microphone.

External Microphones are available in various types and sizes like Shot Gun Microphone, on camera MicrophoneLavalier Condenser Microphone etc.

7. Wireless Mobile Adapter for DSLR Camera

Most likely your new DSLR Camera must have Wifi function inbuilt but if not somehow you can add Wifi function to your DSLR Camera.

So that you can transfer your images or Videos to your Mobile Phone or laptop with the help of Wireless Mobile Adapter.

And the next must-have accessories for every Photographer is Wireless Mobile Adapter.

8. DSLR Camera Shoulder Neck Strap Belt Sling

If you shoot outdoors or out on a trip with your family or friends and shooting out in the field, you need to have this next must have accessory for every photographer DSLR Camera Shoulder Neck Strap Belt Sling.

This would help you give rest your arms while traveling or shooting outside as you can leave and pick you camera sling on this Shoulder or Neck Strap Belt.


9. DSLR Camera Bag

The next Must-Have Accessories is DSLR Camera Bag which would help you carry your Camera Gears from one pace to another especially if you are traveling or going out for shooting.

DSLR camera bags are specially designed for keeping cameras and accessories and it has special slots for that purpose.


10. Flash Light or Speed Light

The next Must have Accessories for every Photographer is Flash Light or also called Speed Light.

These can be mounted on the Top of the DSLR camera or on a Stand to Control the Light for Dramatic shots.

These flash Lights or Speed lights are must for taking shots indoor if you don’t have fancy Soft-Boxes or Lights.

Be it a birthday Party or Wedding shot or any event shoot you need to have these Flash Light or Speed Lights.

So these were the 10 Must-Have Accessories for Every photographer.

If I have left any Must-Have Accessories then please do let me know in the comments below!

Question for you

Do you have all of these or you wish to have some of them?

Leave your answer in the comments.

Thank you!

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