How to Make a Movie Poster Design in Photoshop 2018

Movie Poster Design Photoshop 

How to Make a Movie Poster Design in Photoshop 2018 1


How to make a Movie Poster Design Photoshop 2018

In today’s episode,  I am going to show you how to create a movie poster in Photoshop a movie poster concept in Photoshop.

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The technique in today’s tutorial very cool and you can turn any image into a movie poster or an action movie poster in Photoshop very easily.

using this technique you can create any kind of poster in Photoshop be it an event poster,  movie poster,  music album poster or action movie poster.

In this tutorial,  I will show you some clear easy to follow steps to create the poster design in Photoshop.

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For creating movie poster design out of any image you can use any version of the Photoshop but in this tutorial, I am using the latest version Photoshop CC 2018.

Following the easy steps are shown in this tutorial you can also create the book cover design or action movie poster design in Photoshop.

After going through this tutorial you would be loaded with skills to give any image Movie poster design or Movie look.

In this particular tutorial,  we are going to create the movie poster Design in Photoshop of the Movie ‘All I see is you’.

For creating this movie poster of the movie ‘All I see is you’,  you need to have one portrait image of a girl.

I have used this image. 

movie poster design photoshop

which you can download by clicking here. Model Image.

Thanks, Faestock Deviant for this beautiful image.

For Creating Movie Poster Design in Photoshop, you also need Splatter Brushes.

You can download the Splatter Brushes by click the link below.
Splatter Brushes

If you want to learn How to Create King Kong Skull Island Movie Poster Design in Photoshop Check out the Tutorial Below!

movie poster design photoshop


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