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Here is the First famous Photographer’s interview for the Section Inspiring Photographers/Artist Around the World.

In Today’s Post of Inspiring Photographers/Artist Around the World, I have brought to you the Amazing Photographer Joachim Bergauer from Austria.

You can learn a lot from this Photographer as his images are captivating and full of emotions.

He is very good at capturing emotions and convey a story through his Photographs.

Here is the Full-Interview I had with him.

I’m from Austria (Salzburg) I started to take pictures as a child by finding my dad’s camera and I took it away from him 🙂

What is your personal style of Photography?

Mainly emotions and people.

Where did you get Photography or Photo Editing Training?

I started out as a sports photographer in one of the biggest newspapers at the age of 20.

What was the first camera that you received?

An analog camera – AE 1 of Canon.

How do you find inspiration for the Shoot?

Everything comes into my head. Then the concept and then the shoot.

Do you like Natural Light or Studio Light?


What Camera Gears you use?

In the last 3 decades, a lot has been done and currently, I use the Canon 1DX Mark 2 – of which I have two pieces and a normal Canon 1 Dx – Elinchrom is the light and the big light bulb – the sun 🙂


Is Photography your full-time or Part-Time Profession?

Full time. Professional for 30 years.

What advice do you want to give to those who want to start in the Photography?

The best thing is to train working out. When they see through the viewfinder and they feel it works, the picture works.

How others can find you? Your website, Social Links?

My Website or on 500px
Thank you Joachim for inspiring us and for this interview!

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