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How to Create Realistic Tree in Adobe Photoshop from Scratch?

Welcome to this tutorial. In this tutorial, you will learn How to create Realistic Tree in Adobe Photoshop from Scratch.
As you know, I do lots of Photo manipulations and for various composites, in Adobe Photoshop I need Various Tree images.
So, I try to shoot so many Tree images and have some good Tree images with me, which I use for my various Photo Manipulation work in Adobe Photoshop.
But the problem with that is that you need to remove the background and it is quite a Daunting task to remove the Background in Adobe Photoshop from the Complex structure of the Trees.

Even after spending lots of time on removing Tree from the Background in Adobe Photoshop, you need to save that in the PNG format so that you don’t have to do all the hard work again since PNG files have transparent Background, you can easily place them over anything.
But this new feature of Render Tree in Adobe Photoshop is really awesome as it gives you the flexibility to create the Realistic tree with just one click and you have the options to control lighting, size, leaves, colour etc.

Besides, this it gives you the Transparent Background. Which means you no longer need to spend hours in Exacting the Tree from the Background. Isn’t is awesome.
This update was introduced in the Adobe Photoshop CC, if I am not wrong.
So, to create the Tree in Adobe Photoshop from the Scratch, all you need to do is:-
• Create a New Blank Layer
• Take the Pen Tool
• Create the Path on which you want the tree to be created
Make sure you choose Create the Path from Bottom to Top. It is very important otherwise, you will get an upside down Tree.
• After this Just Go to Filter-select Render-Select-Tree and a new Dialogue box would appear and you can play with different options to get the desired look of the Tree.
Isn’t this technique is quite simple and easy to use?
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