Amazon Video Direct-How to Sell Video on Amazon Video Direct Part-2

Amazon Video Direct-How to Sell Video on Amazon Video Direct Part-2

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Amazon Video Direct-How to Sell Video on Amazon Video Direct Part-2

In this video tutorial I will be showing you step by step guide to upload and sell your videos on Amazon Video Direct, a new YouTube Like Service.

This is the Part-2 of How to sell videos on amazon video direct I will be showing you how to create sub-title or close caption .srt file.

In part -1 of the tutorial I showed you How to set up an account on amazon video direct and then upload videos.

Link to Part-1:- Click Here

You might be wondering what is Amazon Video Direct? Then let me tell you that Amazon Video Direct is the Prime Service of Amazon where they offer Video Content for either Free with Pre-Roll Ads Like YouTube or with Subscription Like YouTube Red or with one time Payment like they sell the Books and other products on

Amazon video Direct is a great opportunity for you, if you are a content creator and have been uploading them to YouTube or Vimeo or on Daily Motion etc. or If you are an Instructor Like me on,, etc. then you must utilize Amazon Video Direct to make some extra Money from your courses.

But at the moment Amazon Video Direct is very limited, considering its on its early launch stage. so, there are many bugs and problems on Amazon Video Direct, Like the content creator all over the world could not publish on this site since they would not be able to add their Bank account details considering the fact that at the moment, Amazon Video Direct has only few countries listed from which a bank account can be associated with it and unless you successful add the Bank account on Amazon Video Direct, you will not have Publish Button turn Green and it would be grayed out.

I have also sent the email to their support Team and got the reply that at the moment they have only limited countries where they can transfer the money but they are expanding it and soon hopefully most of the countries would be included on Amazon Video Direct.

So, at the moment, creators from Indian and similar countries not listed on Amazon Video Direct would not be able to utilize this platform.

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