Adobe Launches Adobe Stock with Fotolia

A Giant Leap into Stock Photography by Adobe with the Launch of Adobe

Adobe is an essential part of the Daily life of all the Creative Professionals around the world and utilizing this fact the Adobe with Fotolia has launched Adobe Stock. This is seen as another step towards taking over or may be dominating the Multi-Billion Dollar industry of Stock Photos.

If you are new to the term ‘Stock Photo’ and thinking what is Stock Photo or Microstock Photo then let me tell you that its a Photo, Vector, Video and Audio Incensing Process where you can get the License to use Millions of Photos for specific and Limited use which are basically the Royalty Free. Which means you don’t have to pay the Royalty again and again upto certain Limit for the images in your project be it Private or Commercial, Like in Commercials, Advertisement, Blog, Website, on Products etc.

If you are a Photographer, Illustrator, Audio or Video Professional who produces High Quality content, then you can make some extra cash with you image, footage, audio or Illustration by Licensing them to Microstock Photo sites like,,, etc.

These Microstock sites accepts your content after some strict Review process which aims at quality of the content and then make the content available for selling to the prospective buyers on their sites.

Since it is universal truth that Image speaks louder than words and a combination of both words and Images can create a Lethal combination which is capable of bringing more business or visitors or eyeballs to your content or product, the stock imagery has become indispensable to the Modern world business.

Having knowledge of this fact the Adobe has Today launched its stock photo site called Adobe Stock, since it has already dominance over professionals around the world as they are using Adobe’s software Applications like Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Premier Pro cc, Adobe Audition, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator cc etc.  Adobe Stock has been integrated with Adobe Clouds, so it has become easier to launch Adobe Stock within the CC desktop or software and watermark can be added to images and can be uploaded to Stock Library or CC Library. So, your creative images or work can be licensed through the desktop also.

Since Adobe has dominance in the Creative software industry there is no doubt that Adobe Stock would be the No. 1 Choice for getting Best Stock images and with this the competition amongst the Microstock sites would become fierce.

Though as far as the competition is concerned there are lots of other Microstock Photo sites which are much cheaper than the Adobe but since Adobe’s world has wide creatives and creative user, they hope to get at the top of the stock imagery. As it is also assumed that many of the creative Professionals who are not selling their creative content on the stock photo sites, will also prefer to do so. Thanks to the deep integration of Adobe Stock into the Adobe software Application itself. 

If you are a seller then you can join to sell your work on Adobe Stock by creating an account which an account with Those who already have an Account with, their images in Standard Collection will be automatically added to Adobe Stock library.



Adobe Stock is a standalone website which offers Stock Images from Creative Artist from around the world, with different purchase plans, including Pay per Image and Subscription Plans. Adobe Stock offers one image for 9.99$. You can access the Plans by click here. Adobe Stock Plans.


Looking forward to how things take turn and being a stock photography contributor I am super excited to be a part of as I am already selling my images on Hope that sales would increase in the near future!

Adobe Launches Adobe Stock with Fotolia 1


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