Shane Costt nominated for ASFA awards

Rwandan fashion photographer, Constantine Ashimwe, also known as 'Shane Costt', has been nominated for the category of 'Fashion Photographer' … Read More

The Secret History of the Bauhaus

Through these photos, argues Otto, Arndt removes herself from the … One of them portrays the famed fashion designer, photographer and essayist Ré … Read More

Lifetime's 'Designed to Kill' features the murderous misadventures of an obsessed teacher fueled …

A professional fashion photographer turned fashion photography teacher in a school spots her new "minor" boy toy only to get so crazily obsessed she … Read More

Newly launched revolutionary portable charger on Indiegogo assures 9 days of phone power

From your MacBook to iPhone to DSLR camera, you can charge everything together through AlphaTank and enjoy lasting charge. “AlphaTank holds … Read More

rihanna tell us how she's going to transform the fashion industry

She really, really loves fashion and beauty. She gets it, she's unafraid of it. Her picture is plastered over Afro-Caribbean hair shops all over the world, … […]

the crazy lifestyle of a pop star's personal photographer

Pixie's background is in photography — she studied at London College of Fashion — but she had a burgeoning modelling career which she since … Read More

Young Photographer Allan Gregorio Wows Industry With Fashion And Portraiture Works

Writers described Gregorio's unique artistic and creative talents, including his ability to see a different world through lenses developed for photography … Read More

Popstar Aaron Paul Shoots DANCE AMERICA Music Video in a Luscious Lavender Gown …

Bryan Griffin Photography, APMusicENT c/o 2019. The video, shot by renown NYC videographer Bryan Griffin, features Paul, wearing fashions by … Read More
A singer and photographer join hands to become social media sensations

A singer and photographer join hands to become social media sensations

The man behind this high dimension videos and aesthetic feel is her close friend and a self-taught photographer-cum-cinematographer Sagar Tripathi. Read More

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