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Instagram testing a redesigned Explore tab

Instagram testing a redesigned Explore tab
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Instagram is one the most visited apps where users browse and share pictures and videos. While this consumes time, it also keeps you updated with what’s trending across the globe. Now a report from TechPP claims that the photo-sharing platform is working to redesign the Explore tab that would enable users to browse through the pictures easily.

Instagram testing out a redesigned 'Explore' tab

The new layout will organize and group pictures and videos based on the category such as photography, people, or sports. The genres are shown in a carousel layout placed on top of the screen, allowing users to cycle through them and easily and tap on the ones they would like to see more of.

Below the carousel is what appears to be a list of related hashtags. The content in every category will depend on the number of hashtags used in the image or video. But according to the report, some of the content gets grouped even when there aren’t any hashtags, which also means that Instagram must be using some sort of image recognition similar to what we’ve seen on Google Photos. TechPP also states that the new Explore tab appeared after installing version from APK Mirror.

Instagram testing out a redesigned 'Explore' tab

Besides, Instagram has also changed its privacy policies following the Facebook data scandal. According to one of the provisions in UK’s upcoming Data Protection Bill, companies should let its users migrate their data from one service to another. According to a report from TechCrunch, Instagram is building a new data portability tool that would enable users to download a copy of everything they ever shared on the platform including messages, pictures, and videos.

This tool will make it easier for users to move to another photo social sharing platforms. The tool is much like Facebook’s Download Your Information tool, which has been promoted as a way to prevent data harvesting. While the new tool will comply with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), it would also double as a locally-stored backup of the feeds. The report also suggests that the details of how the Instagram data will arrive on your hard drive. 

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It’s good to see social media companies trying hard to offer their users with a private and secure social platform and keeping their data safe.


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