How to Use Dodge & Burn Tools in Photoshop -Photoshop Tutorial for Beginners


How to Use Dodge & Burn Tools in Photoshop to Enhance the Depth & Details on an Image -Photoshop Tutorial for Beginners

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1 How to Use Dodge & Burn Tools in Photoshop to Enhance the Depth & Details on an Image -Photoshop Tutorial for Beginners


In this tutorial we will be learning the Art of Dodging and Burning in Photoshop using Dodge and Burn Tools to enhance the depth and Details of an Image.

Dodge and Burn Tools are used to target the Highlights and Shadows which creates the depth or we can say that is the technique to enhance details digitally.

Dodging and Burning techniques are used basically in portrait retouching and more specifically the beauty or fashion portrait.
We can also use the Dodge and Burn to create Drama in the Landscape images.

The art of Dodge and burn in Photoshop is a fun way and it takes some time if you are using the traditional technique of dodging and burning which I have shown you here but there are some other techniques which are fast and easy though the best result can be achieved through the trading dodge and burn tool.

This Dodge and Burn techniques is and Advance Retouching technique which is used by professionals and make their images more visually appealing and pleasant.

Create a New Blank layer by clicking New Layer Icon which looks like a page.

















Fill the Layer with 50% Gray by pressing CTR/CMD +Backspace.

















Choose  50% Gray from the Drop Down Menu.




Choose Mode to Normal and Opacity to 100%.















Change the Layer Blend Mode to Overlay.




You can also fill the Layer with 50% Grey by going to File-Edit-Choose Fill and it will open the option Box which appeared in the second step by pressing CTR/Cmd + Backspace and follow next steps as mentioned above.
















Now Select the Dodge Tool from the Tool Bar on the left side of your Screen or You can use shortcut Keyboard Command -O.















From the upper Top Left of Your Screen You have three options to choose Midtone-Shadow-Hightlight which we can target. Just choose Mid tone.















 choose the Exposure of 10%. Here keep in mind always select low exposure and keep on building the effect rather than taking higher Exposure and ruining the image. You can manually type 10 on the exposure selection bar or you can simple press 1 on your keyboard.











Now slowly paint over all the Highlights visible in the image and paint again if you want more depth.


Next select the Burn Tool with you can select from the Tool Box Panel which is situated under the Dodge Tool or you can use keyboard shortcut command Ctr/Cmd+O that toggles the Dodge Tools to Burn Tool to Sponge Tool.


Again Select the Range to Midtone and Exposure to around 7%







Now keep on Targeting the Shadows by painting over it to enhance the depth and details.


Once you are finished with the Dodging and Burning in Photoshop you can see your result by turning on and off the Eye Icon on the 50% Grey Layer.


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