10 Super-Fast Tricks To Feature Your TikTok Video On The For You Page 2

10 Super-Fast Tricks To Feature Your TikTok Video On The For You Page

TikTok has enormous engaging features to make you and your brand popular. One of the best features on TikTok to get popularity for your account is the For You page. TikTok allows you to make short videos for 15 to 60 seconds where you have to show your creative talent to your audiences. The competition on TikTok grows higher day by day. Beat those competitions by establishing your presence on TikTok.

10 Super-Fast Tricks To Feature Your TikTok Video On The For You Page

There are more than 20 million active users daily where TikTok provides a chance to find you only on the For You page. The main goal of all the content creators on TikTok is to feature their video on the For You page by crushing the competitions. Businesses also gather benefits on TikTok with their unique marketing strategy of creating content. Your TikTok account grows automatically when more people engage on your account.

What Is The For You Page?

The For You page (FYP) on TikTok is the first page that appears when you open your TikTok application. It displays endless videos like the Instagram feed, but the difference is that the video on FYP will be from the creators you do not follow. 

10 Super-Fast Tricks To Feature Your TikTok Video On The For You Page 3

The TikTok algorithm gives videos on the FYP according to your past interactions and based on your interest. FYP is the place where people search for trending topics from different creators. You all have seen Instagram’s Explore page, and the FYP looks similar to that page where the TikTok algorithm features videos based on the user’s interactions. 

The algorithm on the For You page watches your engagement rate, behavior, and the videos you are most likely to watch. There are three main factors to be considered for featuring your video on the FYP:

  • Interaction
  • Video information
  • Your account settings

Reason For Optimizing Your Video On FYP

Gain success by delivering high-quality videos and engage more audiences to make your videos stream on the FYP. Businesses and influencers have a great future on this platform for the following reasons:

10 Super-Fast Tricks To Feature Your TikTok Video On The For You Page 4

  • Raise Followers: Your videos on the For You page can gain followers to your account faster and helps to achieve your objective. When your videos get more views, automatically your follower’s count raises, and the brand popularity increases. When your account grows to some extent, you can start making money on TikTok.
  • Sponsorship And Sale Opportunity: When the TikTok algorithm starts its work by pushing your article to the FYP, you will gain recognition for your business or brand and can become a masterpiece in your niche. Due to the popularity, you will get the chance to get more sales and gain paid sponsorships.
  • Growth In Other Platform: TikTok is a platform where you can gain audiences on other platforms by redirecting your audiences to other social media sites on the FYP.
  • Free Exposure: When you get 100 views for a TikTok video, the algorithm pushes the same video to thousands of audiences without lending any money or running ads.

Tricks To Feature Your Video On The FYP:

Usually, the TikTok algorithm works based on the quality of your content and the way you deliver your video to the target audiences. TikTok is a home containing millions of creative content and promotes your account if your content is engaging and interesting.

Here are some 10 TikTok tricks to make your video stream on the For You page.

10 Super-Fast Tricks To Feature Your TikTok Video On The For You Page

Let’s get started.

#1. Quality Footage On Your TikTok Account

The first step to remember on TikTok before creating your videos is the quality of your content. Ensure twice that your video is of high quality and resembles your audience’s interest. Make a pleasing video for your audiences with excellent editing and quality content that helps the TikTok algorithm to push your video to the FYP.

The FYP has tons of videos, and people get on scrolling down to watch their exciting videos. The views count increases only if a TikTok user stays on your video for at least 3 to 5 seconds. Stay back your target audiences on your video by providing quality content and fulfilling your audience’s interest.

#2. Inject Trending Hashtags For Each Video

A hashtag is a powerful tool for improving your visibility on any social media site. There is a chance to get views for TikTok videos when you provide a trending, relevant hashtag on each video. Users can easily find your video if your content has the right hashtag. 

When a target user searches for a specific video or challenge, there are many chances to view your video if you use the right hashtag related to your niche. Some basic rules for using the hashtag are:

  • Add relevant hashtags to your content but do not stuff more than six hashtags.
  • Mix hashtags with the popular and less popular one.
  • Use hashtags that suit only your niche topic.
  • Use the #ForYou and #fyp hashtag to gain popularity.
  • Participate in hashtag challenges.

#3. Create Short And Simple Videos

The easiest way to get your videos at the top of the For You page is by preparing short, simple, and engaging content. Your ranking goes high when more people engage on your video content and helps to achieve top marks by the TikTok algorithm.

Though TikTok allows you to prepare videos for 60 seconds, the viral success for your brands comes when you publish short videos for 15 seconds. Grow your talent by explaining your content in just 15 seconds to grab their attention. A short video helps hook your target audiences towards your account, and the ranking rate automatically increases.

#4. Write Exciting Captions

TikTok is the platform with tremendous opportunities to build engaging audiences either for your brand or your account. The place where people pay attention before watching a video is the caption area. TikTok provides 150 characters with inclusive hashtags on the caption section to write about your video content. 

The great caption makes the audience stick to your video if it looks exciting. It helps to increase the engagement rate and allows the algorithm to make your video popular.

Some ideas for making your captions ideal are:

  • Short with attractive words
  • Use related hashtags
  • Encourage audiences to engage.

#5. Incorporate With TikTok Trends

If you want popularity on TikTok, you need to stick to the current TikTok trends. The trending topic keeps on changing on TikTok, so it is necessary to keep your eyeballs on the For You page to watch the trends. The best place to find trending content and make your content trend is on the For You page. 

10 Super-Fast Tricks To Feature Your TikTok Video On The For You Page 5

When you use the trending music on your content on TikTok, people will give their attention to watch the video. If your content also remains unique and exciting, there is no doubt in getting a high engagement rate and making your video display on the FYP.

#6. Engage With Other TikTok Users

Interact with your audiences to maintain a good relationship with them and can build strong trust. The best way to get loyal followers is by responding to each comment and message of your audience. Spend time watching other videos on TikTok and hit likes, share comments to make them visit your profile.

TikTok users can remember you when you leave regular comments and hit likes for other videos having your target audiences. When your engagement rate increases, your video ranking increases on the FYP. The trick for gathering the attention of the TikTok algorithm is the For You page.

#7. Utilize Challenge Feature

Participating in challenges improves your popularity among plenty of new audiences. TikTok users prefer your videos when it suits their interest and should give something new on the video. Make challenging videos on your own, or you can participate in other users’ challenges.

The visibility increases when you make your challenge with simple and exciting concepts. Encourage your potential audiences and customers to participate in your challenge and ask them to use your branded hashtag to gain visibility. Participating in other’s challenges will provide a way for growth on FYP.

#8. Post Content On Your Audience Presence

Post your content at the right time to get the views of your audiences and improve the engagement rate. The success of your video comes when you post content by knowing your audience’s active time. 

Track the performance of your audiences by switching on to TikTok’s Pro Account. It is a free tool to find the analytics of your audience activities. You can get the following information on the Pro Account,

  • TikTok video views for your content
  • Increase in follower’s count
  • It helps to know the content strategy.
  • The active time of your audiences

You need at least 100 followers to use this free tool to track your audience’s performance.

#9. Advertise Your Brand

Many brands think that their duty gets over by showing their presence only by publishing the content. But the truth is, establish your brand or businesses to audiences by advertising it differently. When you post videos, verify that any content in the video says about your brand. It is the most effective tip to increase brand awareness for your product. 

Prepare a tutorial video by using your product to gather audiences, increasing the engagement rate. The high engagement helps the algorithm to display your video on the FYP.

#10. Get The Help Of Influencers

Influencers are the people on social media who get recognition from audiences for their audiences. People following the influencers will believe in their words and build strong trust. If you want to showcase you and your video to new audiences, join with the influencers to grow your account faster by streaming your video on the FYP.

Before collaborating with influencers, make sure that their followers are your target audiences to grab their attention towards your video easily. When more views land on your video, the more likely to get your video on the FYP. Gain a stable community by joining with influencers.

Final Thought

TikTok is an engaging social media platform where you can attract considerable loyal audiences to your brand. Beat the competitions to increase your video ranking and make them visible on the FYP with engaging content. Get new connections and create popularity on the For You page by following the above exciting tricks. 

Use TikTok and get an excellent place in your audience’s minds!

Author Bio: 

Anne Joseph is a passionate social media writer and working at Bouxtie. She has strong strategy skills in developing and managing social media campaigns. She loves to make new connections and enjoy the opportunity to work with social media influencers. Start following her on Twitter.com.


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