Hi! Welcome to Episode#1-Decide What You Want in Life.


In this Episode, I have talked about why is it important to have a clear Picture of What we Want in Life and How that is going to Help us achieve our Goal.

This is my first attempt at Motivation Podcast and there are certain flaws in it. But my future Episodes will be much better.

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Hi! Welcome to Episode#2-How to Get what You Want in Life.

This is Episode #2-How to Get what You Want in Life.
Here we will talk about the next step for achieving what we want in life. What is the right way to get success in life?

How to get what you want?

This is the second episode. In the first episode, we had decided what we want in life and where I asked you to take a pen and paper and write down what you want in life, what are your goals, where you want to get in life?

I talked about having a clear goal, clear picture of what we want in life. So Now if you already have decided what you want in life, now you need to find a way 01192016-15usd-sitewide1260x242to achieve that. You need to carve out a plan or map to get there.

So, the 1st step is to analyse, whether your current job, or business or whatever you do, is capable enough to get you the result you want in life. Then, you need to become a Leader of your life. And You know the difference between a Leader and Manager. The Leader shows the path, whereas manager does the job. Manager executes the path which has been shown by the leader.

If the path is wrong, then Manager is bound to commit the mistakes and Manager will never be able to execute right things for your life. And whatever that Manager will be doing will never get you what you want in life. Then it will give you something else.

Because we act as a Manager in life, we manage things, we manage work in life. And by doing so we become subjective rather than being objective. Which means that you need to take a satellite view of your life and analyse where are we going. As someone has very rightly said that we are so busy climbing the stairs that we fail to see that the stair/ladder we are so busy climbing is leaning against the wrong wall.
So, that mean whatever we are doing at the moment and we feel that whatever we are doing, we are doing with great enthusiasm & great precision. But we fail to realise that whatever we are doing is not leading us towards the life we want or towards the place where we want to reach.

So, it is very important whether your ladder is leaning against the right wall or the wrong wall if you want to avoid frustration. So, my friend how to analyse or decide that whether whatever we are doing is leading us to the right wall or towards what we want in life or the goals we have set for ourselves.

And that is very simple and easy. You just need to analyse whether whatever you are doing is your greater purpose in life or not. By that I mean the greater purpose of life is so unique that every person is born with that greater purpose. That means he has talent and some skills with which he is born exclusively. Or there are certain things which none other than that person can do in life better than that person in life.

So, we need to find that out. But he Big Question here is that How do we find that? What is our greater purpose in life, sometimes we are so ignorant that we don’t even able to find that? But let me tell you, my friend, that finding your purpose in Life is very-very simple and very easy and it takes no time.

As Dr. Deepak Chopra, who is a great motivational speaker, has rightly described in one of his books that everybody has a greater purpose in life and that can easy be pointed out or identified. Just look at what love to do and when you do that thing, you forget out hunger, you forget out thrust, you forget about time. And you are so submerged into that you don’t care about the outer world and that my friend is you greater or ultimate purpose in life. And that is why you are born in this world.

So, you just need to follow that passion, you just need to follow that purpose and if you are willing to do that purpose then you will find ways obviously to take your life towards that purpose and you will be successful, no matter what.
But sometimes we feel this is something crazy, and people will criticise me if I follow this. But my friend we bother too much about the society, we bother too much about the people. As someone has very rightly said that we care too much about the persons who don’t ever care about us. So, we should also not care about the people and what they say.

If you are doing something right, people goanna criticise you and if you are doing something wrong, people goanna criticise you. That means in both ways people goanna criticise you they goanna said something bad about that.

So, stop caring about those, so stop caring about others. Do what you love, follow your passion and you will achieve your goals in life. And if you think whatever I am doing is not my greater purpose and whatever I am doing is not leading me anywhere then you need to find that, find that passion and follow that.

But sometimes it might seem impossible and we fail to see through that whether our passion has a future or not. But let me tell you, my friend, that if you are following that passion honestly that would definitely have a future. People goanna love it and people goanna like it and you will be rewarded with success. So, follow that Passion.

That’s all I want to say in this Episode.

Thank you very much for your time.

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