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Must Have Android Apps-Top 10 Apps to Increase Productivity

Must have Android Apps-Top 10 Apps

These are October 10 must-have Android apps, is not it in your phone? Here we are going to tell you about the 10 best must-have Android apps.

Here we are going to tell you about the 10 best android apps of 2019. By downloading them you can do a lot of work in a pinch. According to the review and utility of the users, tech experts have described them as best and must-have Android Apps. The best part of them is that these apps are free and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

These apps are brand new Let’s know about these apps …

The First Must-Have Android App is:-

Must Have Android Apps-Top 10 Apps to Increase Productivity 1
Must-Have Android Apps

AMOLED Wallpapers


This is a very work app. You must know that the black wallpaper on the phone protects the battery. In this app, you will find a lot of black background wallpapers like this. You can use them on your AMOLED display device.

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The Second Good Android Apps is:-



Must Have Android Apps


Mozilla’s freshest app browser is ludicrously lightweight and measures under 3 MB. Worked for Android Go gadgets, Firefox Rocket is a stripped-down adaptation of the general Firefox for Android and is one of the quickest portable programs around. It’s interesting Turbo mode when initiated loads a website page rapidly by blocking outsider advertisements and substance.

The Third Popular App is:-

Screenshot Assistant


need to have app
need to have app

This is a very useful app. Through it, you can crop the directory after you take a screenshot. After this, the phone can save screenshots. In this, you can use the Google Now button when taking a screenshot.

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The Forth Apps you need to have is:-



essential app
essential app

Tor Browser is generally hailed as the most secure web program out there, and now there is a form of the app for Android. It is still being worked on, and you do need to introduce Orbot thus, or, in other words, the application that the program uses to associate with the Tor organize, yet on the off chance that security is of worry to you then it might be certainly justified regardless of the problem and potential bugs. The program squares trackers forestall observation, etc.

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The Fifth App is:-

Facebook Lite

app android must have

Works on moderate web speed, utilize a low measure of transfer speed, exceptionally improved, Don’t require the Facebook delivery person to send got messages. Devour low measure of the battery, Videos won’t play on the Facebook Lite application. Load quicker than the Facebook standard form. Constrained highlights. Low size take less RAM and capacity.

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The Sixth App is:-

YouTube Go


Recommended Android App
Recommended Android App

YouTube Go application is intended to build the availability of the video-sharing administration. It is composed and created considering Indian clients. Indian Users were the first to test the YouTube Go application before a more extensive rollout. YouTube Go is now available for all. It works very well with a slow speed connection.
So, if you are on the go and the speed of the internet is not so fast, then use YouTube Go.


The Seventh Essential Android App is:-

Firefox Focus


Recommended Android App

This is Firefox’s very latest browser. It has been made keeping in mind the security. Its interface is simple. Here at the same time, you can open the same website. There is so much security that you can not take a screenshot of this app. As soon as you exit this app, the search history will be cleaned automatically.

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The Eighth Android App is:-

Download Accelerator Manager


have app android must

This is a very work app. With this help, you can download a file. Whether it’s a MUSIC, VIDEO, document, application, image. There is also a good downloading speed. If Wi-Fi is not on, downloading will stop. Downloading will stop when the battery is low.


The Ninth App is:-



Android Apps-Top 10 Apps

WaveEditor is a helpful application for recording and altering soundtracks. Aside from the essential sound altering capacities like cut, trim, duplicate, blur in and become dim, this application additionally bolsters some propelled highlights like evacuating indiscernible sound, DC counterbalance, rearrange, and so on. Additionally, WaveEditor accompanies 32-bit drifting point flag preparing and a playfulness meter.


The Tenth Must-Have Android Apps is:-

Beatbox Music Player


Android Apps-Top 10 Apps

This app’s largest USP is its utility and design. With this app, you can listen to offline MP3 music files. Swipe by going from one option to another. In this app, you get 7 band equalizer. This app is free. Features such as Pause Songs on Earphone Removal are also given in it. If you are looking for an offline music player, then this could be the best app.

Now it is Your Turn

which is your favourite App from the above?

If I have left any must-have App Please share that in the comments.


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