how to view direct messages on instagram on computer,

Instagram Direct Message Pc: How to Get It Easily-Fast and Free Way: The Ultimate Guide

Instagram Direct Message Pc: How to Get It Easily-Fast and Free Way: The Ultimate Guide

What will you learn from this Post?

In this post, you will learn how to send Instagram Direct message on Desktop Pc or Mac. Whether you want to send or check out the messages sent to you or want to reply to them from your PC, you will find the easiest and the fastest way to have Instagram DM feature on any PC.


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Why do you want to send Instagram Direct Message on Pc?

There could be many reasons for sending the Direct Message on Pc for different people.

Some may want to have access to the Instagram direct message feature because they don’t have access to their mobile phone at the moment.

Or you want to send the links and a lengthy text chat message to someone on Instagram and it is more convenient to type and send the links from the desktop pc or laptop compared to the mobile phone.

Or there could be some other reason for getting the Instagram dm to feature on the desktop pc or laptop, be it windows or mac.


Why Instagram Direct Messaging feature is not available on the Instagram web version on Pc?

If you are wondering why you can’t even check the Instagram dm or direct messages on the web version of Instagram on pc be it Windows or Mac, then let me tell you that Instagram wants to force people to use their mobile phone to use the Instagram.

The reason behind this is that 80% of the Instagram users or any other site users are from mobile phones and that just because of the fact that mobile phone is what we are mostly hooked to all the times, it is most likely that we will engage with others on mobile phone app of Instagram.

Instagram or Facebook wants you to spend as much time as you can on their app and what could be the best way than to use mobile apps. The more time you will spend on these sites, the more Facebook or Instagram will earn from advertisers.

That is why there are so many features which are specific to the Instagram mobile app like stories, dm etc.

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But there are lots of content creators out there who prefer to use their desktop pc or laptop to create content for a various platform like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Using the desktop pc or laptop is more convenient than to use a mobile phone. With the desktop pc workflow, you can save lot more time in typing, posting content, editing, be it photo editing or video editing, replying to comments, link sharing etc.

I am sure you will be aware of the problem where you want to upload your Photoshopped images or Edited videos to Instagram but the process is a little daunting. Because first of all, you have to send those Edited images or videos to your mobile phone through USB connection or by sending email to yourself.

Only then you can upload to Instagram and that is time-consuming and takes lots of space on your mobile phone also.

In order to avoid this headache, there is a simple hack where you can upload images or videos directly to Instagram using your desktop pc or laptop. You can even schedule Instagram posts for free also. Check out this article here: – How to Schedule Instagram Posts and Facebook Posts-Free 100% Official Way:The Ultimate Guide


How to get the Instagram Direct message feature on Pc desktop or laptop?

Now in order to send the Instagram Direct Message or Instagram DM to someone or read the DM chats, you need to have this feature on your Pc but unfortunately as discussed earlier, it is not available.

But don’t worry there are some options which you utilize. There are some paid apps which allow you to get this feature on the Desktop Pc or laptop but I will show you 100% free option without any limits.

This little hack allows you to get access to Instagram direct message chat or dm chat feature on desktop pc or laptop be it windows or mac.

For this, to work, you need to download and install the Chrome Browser which is available for both Windows and Mac and it is fast and free.

Click here to download the Chrome Browser which is by google.

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Now open the Instagram web version or click here.

Then go to the top corner and click on ellipsis button or three little dots button on the top right corner of the browser and click on More Tools and select Developer Tools (CTRL/CMD+Shift+I) or you can simply press F12 key on your keyboard to quickly have the access.

This would turn the Instagram into mobile version but at this time you will see some weird text but don’t worry just Refresh the Web Page by clicking on the Refresh icon just before the search bar of the Chrome Browser or simply press F5 to quickly refresh the page.

Now if you will go the home page of Instagram by pressing the home button then you can see the Instagram DM or Instagram Direct Message or chat button which is and Arrow like button on the Top Right corner of your screen like on a mobile phone.

If you press on that you can see all of your messages and now you can send or reply to any messages or chats right from your pc. You can type from a keyboard or send any link or lengthy text etc.

To clearly understand the steps, watch the video below and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel by clicking here.

Watch the video



One More Way to Access Instagram Direct Message on PC

There is one more free Website IGDm which also allows you to have access to the Instagram Direct Message feature on you Desktop Pc or Laptop. IGDm also allows you to see who are the people who don’t follow you back. At the time of writing this post-IGdm is free and accepts donations.



So now you know how to get the Instagram dm or direct message chat feature on any desktop pc or laptop, you can save lots of time and be more productive.

If you have any question related to Instagram direct message or anything else comment below!

I personally read and reply to all the comments and do follow me on Instagram by clicking here.

Thank you for reading!

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