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How to Schedule Instagram Posts and Facebook Posts-Free 100% Official Way:The Ultimate Guide

How to Schedule Instagram Posts and Facebook Posts-Free 100% Official Way:- The Ultimate Guide


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What will you learn from this Post?

In this post, you will learn how to Schedule Instagram Posts or publish Instagram Post from your Pc with Free App without using any paid tool.
This method is 100% Genuine and Free.

Why Schedule Posts on Instagram?

As you know if you want to be successful on any Platform be it YouTube, Instagram or Facebook, you need to consistently and regularly create the content. So for Instagram also the algorithm favours the person who creates the consistent content and publishes the posts regularly. This doesn’t mean you have to publish the posts daily but if you do that would be better, otherwise you can choose to post twice or thrice a week. That way Instagram would know that you are serious about this platform and it boosts your post to as many people.

By scheduling post on Instagram, you can save a lot more time, stay productive and stay connected with your followers. And by scheduling posts on Instagram, you can gain more engagement and more followers which would grow your personal as well as the business account.

Therefore the best way to be consistent on Instagram, you need to schedule your Instagram posts. That way even if you could not find time to publish Instagram posts you will not lose the consistency.

Posting Instagram Posts from Mobile not optimum

As you know that posting or uploading to the Instagram account from your Mobile Phone is a very complicated task because first you have to send the video files or images which you have edited to your mobile phone and then only you can upload them to Instagram. This takes some extra time as you need to connect your phone or if you are mailing those images and videos to yourself then it also takes time to send and download heavy files.

Besides this writing captions, description and hashtags are a very cumbersome procedure. But imagine if you could this from your Pc then you can skip all the steps mentioned above like sending video and images to your mobile phone and downloading them and uploading them. You can simply upload them directly to your Instagram Account and writing caption using your keyboard is also very fast and easy way. Of you can copy and paste the pre-written captions and hashtags to your Instagram posts easily.

Though you can do this from mobile but if you are serious about growing on Instagram then you have to use the Pc that way you can save a lot of time and be more productive. All the professionals use the PC to publish or schedule their Instagram posts or be it YouTube videos.

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What is the Best Way to Schedule Instagram Posts?

There are so many paid and Free Apps using which you can schedule Instagram posts easily. but most of the Tools which works fine are the paid and the free Apps are limited and they don’t allow to publish more than a certain number of posts besides other restrictions. Then what is the best way to schedule Instagram posts which are 100% free and doesn’t put any restriction on how many posts you can publish on Instagram?

The best free app to pre-schedule Instagram posts is the Creator Studio from facebook. this is the new feature which has officially been added to the facebook creator studio, where it allows to access and manage your Instagram account right from your pc. Facebook creator studio officially allows you to schedule or publish Instagram posts with all the tools you need. Though at the time of writing this post, facebook creator studio does not have the feature to post or schedule Instagram stories but I hope soon this feature would also be available because Instagram stories are the most engaging feature of the Instagram and that is what Instagram wants.

Will your Instagram account get banned by scheduling posts?

If you are looking for the best IG post scheduler or automate Instagram posts or pre-schedule Instagram posts or Instagram scheduling free app then read on.

Since you know that Instagram is owned by Facebook, using creator studio is 100% legal and genuine way to publish or schedule your Instagram posts. therefore the answer is NO. If you are using other Free or Paid Apps then it is quite possible that Instagram may block or ban your account as Instagram don’t like bots to work on their platform. in the past, Instagram has blocked and banned many follow, unfollow apps and that is the reason Instagram may ban other apps also even if they are simply used to publish or schedule posts. Though there are few chances but it is possible. So to protect your account always use the safe and official tool, Facebook Creator studio.

How to Schedule your Instagram Posts?

though you don’t need to switch to the Business account for scheduling posts on Instagram account but if you convert your personal account to the business you will get access to many features like insight about your followers when they are online, their age, city and other useful analytics which would help you to make right decisions about posting on Instagram.

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How to convert your personal Instagram account to the Business?

converting to the Business profile is free and simple on Instagram. First, log in to your Facebook account and make sure you have at least one Facebook page created that would help you to automatically publish your Instagram posts. Then open the Instagram app and click on the ellipsis button or three dots button on the top right corner of the screen and select Switch to Business profile and select your Facebook page which it would show automatically if you are logged in to your account. Then fill out all the details like business name, phone numbers, emails etc.

How to Schedule Instagram Posts and Facebook Posts-Free 100% Official Way:The Ultimate Guide 1

Congratulations! Now you have an Instagram Business profile. By the way, you can always switch back to the personal profile if you want to by going to the same steps as mentioned above.

How to Schedule Instagram Posts Free?

Now comes the method where I will show you exactly how you can pre-schedule Instagram posts using the Offical Free Instagram Scheduler App called Facebook Creator Studio. first of all to the google and type Facebook Creator studio and most likely click on the first result. That would open the facebook Creator Studio website and click on the join fill out your details and click login.

Then you will see the option connect to Instagram click on try now and then select Connect your account.

Thereafter press Ok it is going to launch a new window and it will show your Instagram Account, click on Continue as your Instagram profile or if you have more than one Instagram profile then click on the Switch Accounts.

Then you will see the content library and all of your Instagram posts, videos, stores, photos, carousel and IGTV videos. Now click on the Create Post button which is on the top left corner of your screen. Select Instagram Feed or IGTV and select your Instagram profile and if you have connected multiple Instagram Profiles then you can select the one on which you want to post.

then you will see the option to fill out the caption, location, and select files. A quick tip:- if you want to publish more than one image then press and hold CTRL/CMD + Select multiple images or videos.  Then your images or videos would appear there. If you see on the bottom of your images or videos there are three dots if you press them you will see the option to Crop or Delete.

The crop is helpful to decide whether you want to show your images in Square, landscape or Verticle format. You can choose the appropriate option and repositing the crop frames to crop the undesired area of your images or videos and press Save.

Finally, check the publish to Facebook page option if you want and then select Publish to publish immediately or click on the triangle on the button and select schedule. Choose the date and time and select the schedule.

Watch the Video Below for step-by-step instructions to scheduling posts on Instagram.




That’s it! Now you have successfully scheduled the posts on Instagram and you can schedule as many posts as you want.

I hope you will find this ultimate Instagram Scheduling Guide very useful. What do you think about this free Instagram Scheduler Tool? Comment Below! I personally read and reply to all comments.

Please share it with others as Sharing is Caring!

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