DIWALI PHOTOGRAPHY Made Simple – Even Your Kids Can Do It


DIWALI PHOTOGRAPHY Made Simple – Even Your Kids Can Do It


DIWALI PHOTOGRAPHY Made Simple - Even Your Kids Can Do It

Diwali Photography Tips to take Amazing Diwali Photographs




Diwali is around the corner and you all must be very excited about this festival, especially those who love Photography.


Nowadays everybody loves to take photographs since everybody got at least a camera mobile phone.


Since Photography is getting famous day by day people have started buying the DSLR cameras to take their Photography to the next level.


Diwali is such a great occasion not only for Photography lovers but for everyone since it’s a festival of light and joy.


Everything lights and Shines during the Diwali festival, walls are painted,  houses are decorated, people dressed up in ethnic traditional wears.


And there is light everywhere and  I forgot to mention that if you look at the sky at night you will see lots of Fireworks especially on Diwali Day.

The Sky on the Diwali Night looks at its best.


DIWALI PHOTOGRAPHY Made Simple - Even Your Kids Can Do It


If you are a Photography lover and looking for some professional tips for Diwali photography to take some amazing Diwali Photographs then read the following post.


Details and Features

  • Tips for Diwali Photography General
  • Tips for Diwali Diya Photography
  • Tips for Diwali Light Photography
  • Tips for Creative Diwali Photography
  • Tips for Creative Diwali Portrait Photography
  • These are the Tips for DSLR, Point and Shoot Camera and Mobile Phone Camera Photography
  • What kind of Diwali Photography can you Do?


During the Diwali season you can do Diwali Diya Photography,  Diwali Light photography,  Creative Diwali photography,  Creative Diwali Portrait photography and much more.


If you follow these tips which I am going to reveal in this blog post,  I am sure your Diwali Photography Images would be just amazing.


These Diwali photography tips would not only help the DSLR camera owners but all of you those who own at least a mobile phone which has a decent camera.

And also for those who own a Point and Shoot Camera.


During this Diwali, everybody wants to take amazing Diwali photographs.

Some of you are looking for some tips for Diwali Diya photography,  some of you are looking for some tips for Diwali portrait photography,  some of you are looking for some tips for Diwali light photography and others simply want some tips for any kind of for Diwali photography.


Diwali is such an occasion where you can do any kind of photography be it portrait photography, Diya photography or earthen lamp photography,  amazing light photography, or simply Fireworks photography.

DIWALI PHOTOGRAPHY Made Simple - Even Your Kids Can Do It

What do you need for Diwali Photography?


Since Diwali Photographs look best at night there are a few requirements for taking amazing Diwali photographs.


  • Obviously, you need a Camera, be it a DSLR,  point and shoot camera or a mobile phone camera.


  • If possible get a Tripod or any kind of object where you can place your DSLR or point and shoot camera or the mobile phone camera.


Because while shooting at night we have to adjust the shutter speed of the Camera to around 2 seconds to 10 seconds in DSLR Cameras.


Or we need to switch to the Night mode or to the Fireworks mode if you plan to do Diwali Firework Photography in the Point and Shoot Camera.


Most of the point and shoot cameras do have this option of Fireworks mode or the Night Mode so take advantage of that.


And for those who own simply a mobile phone camera then they can go for some apps which allow them to shoot in the professional modes capable of adjusting the shutter speed.


  • For iPhone, you can go for the VSCO App and for the Android or you can try Camera FV-5 App for Android only.


If you want to learn more about the Best Camera App for the iPhone, check out this blog post here.

9 Best Camera app for iPhone |  The Number 1 will Shock You


  • The last thing which you need is some creative skills for Amazing Diwali Photography.


Tips for General Diwali photography


So let’s first take a look at the Tips for General Diwali photography.


Diwali Photography Tips for DSLR  cameras


Try to use the Widest Aperture available in your lens or you can use the Prime Lens which allows you to go f2f 1.4,  1.8, Or 2.8.


This would allow you to shoot even in the low light and would create a very shallow depth of field which would help you in not only for amazing Portraits but it is going to also help you for taking Creative shots of  Diwali Dia Photography or Diwali Rangoli Photography.


DIWALI PHOTOGRAPHY Made Simple - Even Your Kids Can Do It


Widest Aperture creates Bokeh effect and blurs out the background which works best while shooting Portraits or Still Life like Diwali Dias or other objects where decorative lights is in the background look just amazing.


Diwali Photography Tips for point and shoot cameras


DIWALI PHOTOGRAPHY Made Simple - Even Your Kids Can Do It


Switch to the Portrait Mode and then take the Photographs of people for flattering Portraits and use the same mode for the Diwali Diya photography or the Rangoli photography.


This would also help you to create some shallow depth of field using which you can easily get some creative shots.


However, the result would not be as good as compared to the DSLR cameras with a Prime lens.


If you want to learn about my favourite Prime lenses,  check out this Post.





For mobile phone cameras


You can use the professional mode or if you have the latest mobile Phone then you might be having a Portrait mode on your phone.


Use that to create a shallow depth of field or blur the background to get the amazing bokehlicious Portraits during this Diwali.


Using the Portrait mode you can easily blur the background which makes your subject stand out which is very good for the Portraits of people as well as for the Diwali Diya decorations or Diwali light decorations.


Tips for Fireworks Photography this Diwali-Christmas-New Year


Fireworks Photography DIWALI PHOTOGRAPHY Made Simple - Even Your Kids Can Do It


Now here are few tips for Fireworks Photography this Diwali or Christmas or New Year season.

Requirements for the Fireworks Photography


  • If you plan to shoot how to do the fireworks photography this Diwali or Christmas or new year,  then the Tripod is very much recommended.


  • But if somehow we don’t have the tripod you can go for some object on which you can place your DSLR  camera or Point and shoot camera or the Mobile Phone Camera.


  • If you have the selfie-stick that could also help you out to take somewhat ok images of the fireworks but they are more likely to be blurry.


  • Maybe you don’t have a tripod,  maybe you have a Gorilla Pod.


If you don’t know what is Gorilla pod then let me tell you that it’s a smaller version of the tripod but it is highly flexible and it’s very affordable and cheap at the same time.

You can place or mount a DSLR camera or a Point and Shoot Camera or even the Mobile Phone Camera on this easily.


This cost around less than 1000  Indian Rupees and around 18$ – 20$  in US dollars.


Check out following Gorilla pods.

[amazon_link asins=’B00U4XUJOA,B0718W8X3M,B00ZKDRGKE,B01N1RZURU,B01MTDWWZH,B071H73H7T,B075R6LRQD,B01MUFHTE0′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’harshvardhana-21′ marketplace=’IN’ link_id=’9ca46267-e0f8-11e8-bef0-6357609650d9′]

DIWALI PHOTOGRAPHY Made Simple - Even Your Kids Can Do It 1


And if you are looking for high-end tripod then check out the following recommended Tripods.

Remote Shutter Release allows you to trigger your camera without touching the Shutter Release button as it helps to avoid the shakes.

[amazon_link asins=’B07635VVZV,B075D6FNXQ,B01N69J2MM,B01IDP95N6,B0752S2Q45,B0736SJC6L,B00L8STZD6,B07635Z1M4′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’harshvardhana-21′ marketplace=’IN’ link_id=’4f4e1399-e0fb-11e8-b924-eb1a33886df2′]
  • The Third thing is for the DSLR users is Zoom Lens which is optional as this could help you take some zoomed in fireworks images.

Though you can even get better images with your Kit Lens 18-55mm.


The setting for Fireworks Photography


All right now once you have everything in place let’s discuss the settings which you need to take the amazing Fireworks Photographs.


Fireworks Photography Tips for DSLR Cameras


Fireworks Photography DIWALI PHOTOGRAPHY Made Simple - Even Your Kids Can Do It

Switch to the Manual Mode

Fireworks Photograph is not possible without Manual Mode as we need to adjust various settings so we have to have full control over everything.


Set the aperture to around F8 to f11 so that everything remains in focus since the action would happen very quickly in the sky.

You have to choose the low Aperture setting to keep everything in focus so that you don’t get the blurry shots.


Set the ISO to 100 for Amazing quality,  just remember increasing the ISO number beyond 100 would introduce noise and grains in the photographs and ultimately those photographs may not be usable for you.

So avoid the temptation to increase the ISO.

Shutter Speed

Now the most important part is the shutter speed which is going to capture the beautiful Fireworks Burst and its motion.

In order to capture the Fireworks properly, you need to lower down your shutter speed to around 2-10 seconds.

The low shutter speed would help you to capture the motions of the fireworks and at the same time, it would help you expose the image properly at night which you would not otherwise get with low Aperture like f-8 0f f-11.

Exposure Tips

Here is the quick tip about the exposure.

Keep your images underexposed that way you would be able to get dark black sky so don’t slow down your shutter speed too much.

Avoid Shakes

Since we are using the slow shutter speed we need to put our DSLR camera on the tripod or on any object which can keep it steady to avoid shakes.


For Diwali Fireworks Photography you also need to have a Remote Shutter Release or which would help you to avoid the camera shake while pressing the shutter button.


The Remote Shutter Release is very essential for Long-Exposure Photography and they are also very affordable.

If you want to check out some of them are listed below.

[amazon_link asins=’B07635VVZV,B075D6FNXQ,B01N69J2MM,B01IDP95N6,B0752S2Q45,B0736SJC6L,B00L8STZD6,B07635Z1M4′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’harshvardhana-21′ marketplace=’IN’ link_id=’4f4e1399-e0fb-11e8-b924-eb1a33886df2′]


If you don’t have the remote shutter release then you can choose the self-timer of 5 seconds 10 second depending on how quickly the Fireworks are bursting in the sky.


You have to predict the distance or the position of the bursting of the fireworks and you need to precompose your frame accordingly.

You can try different Rules of Composition but putting your subject i.e. the Fireworks in the dead centre works the best unless you have some beautiful landscape or building to frame with.


You also need to put your focus to the Infinity in the sky.


Most of the lenses do have the Infinity focus option on the lens itself but if yours doesn’t have this you can manually focus on the sky.


So again the manual focus is important because in autofocus you might not get the desired result as in that case your DSLR camera would struggle to focus in the dark.


Fireworks Photography Tips for Point & Shoot Cameras


Now tips for point and shoot cameras.

If you have a point and shoot camera and not so aware of the Photography technicalities as mentioned above,  you can simply switch to the Fireworks mode if it has one.


But if it does not have the Fireworks mode then it might be having some Night Photography or the Long-Exposure Photography mode,  just choose that.


Again the tripod or an object is a must for you to place your point and shoot camera and keep it steady during the Fireworks shots.


As far as the composition is concerned these tips are the same for all as mentioned above for the DSLR Cameras.


You need to precompose your frame by predicting the actual place of Fireworks burst.


So that you don’t unnecessarily get the cropped image or the image where the fireworks are not even visible and that would be a very weird situation.


And for this purpose, you have to practice, you will get the perfect shot after some failed tries.


Camera shake is again the big problem even for the point and shoot cameras so try to use the self-timer option which is most likely available in every point and shoot cameras.


Just remember to turn off your shake reduction option or the image stabilizer option because this might affect your shot since they would not be any shake as we have placed the point and shoot camera on the tripod or and on an object which is steady.


Turning the image stabilizer off because this could create the confusion for your camera, which may result in blurry shots or shaky shots.


Fireworks Photography Tips for Mobile Phones


These are the same tips as for the Point-and-Shoot Cameras and DSLR Cameras.


So, if your camera has the professional mode then switch to the professional mode or use the app which I have suggested above to choose the camera settings as mentioned in the above tips for DSLR cameras.


Just remember you have to choose the ISO to 100, aperture if you can change to then f-8- f11 and Shutter speed 2 -10 seconds.


Place your mobile phone camera on the tripod or on a steady object while taking the Fireworks shots.


Pre-compose your frame and predicted the exact position of the fireworks and just press the shutter button using the self-timer option.


So, if you are using the self-timer option of let ‘s say 5 seconds then you have to press the button accordingly.


Diwali Light Photography Tips


DIWALI PHOTOGRAPHY Made Simple - Even Your Kids Can Do It


Since during the Diwali almost everybody puts decorative lights on the houses in India and also during Christmas and New Year in other countries like the USA,  we can take the advantage of this amazing decoration to take some amazing light photographs.


So, if you want to take the amazing light photographs then for Diwali light Photographs or Christmas light Photographs or  New Year lights decoration then you need to choose the widest aperture possible and for the point and shoot and mobile phone cameras The Portrait mode.


If you are using the DSLR camera then you have the option of manual focus.


Using the focus ring on your lens you can just rotate it to make the light out of focus and that would create the amazing bokeh effect.


Using this out of focus technique you can even capture the amazing bokeh videos footages.


Which you can later on used for any purpose like for creating Titles or intros or maybe overlays on some other videos.


And if you want to do the Diwali Diya photography use the manual focus or The Portrait mode in the point and shoot and mobile phone cameras.


This would help you to focus on the Diya and blur out the background to get the amazing Diwali Diya images.


Fireworks Photography DIWALI PHOTOGRAPHY Made Simple - Even Your Kids Can Do It


Here you need to be creative with your composition to take the amazing Diwali Diya photography.


Use can take some Flat Photography like images where you shoot the objects from the top.


Here is a quick tip- Try different angle and never stick to one angle as this would restrict your chances of getting amazing shots.


I hope these tips would help you to take amazing shots this Diwali or Christmas or New Year.


Now it is your Turn


Have I forgotten to include any Tips here? Let me know in the comments.

Which of the Tips is your favourite?

I love to read your comments and I always reply to the comments.

So, leave your comment below.


Thank you!
Happy and Prosperous Diwali-Christmas and New Year to Everyone!



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