Creative Fashion Portrait Retouching Photoshop

Creative Fashion Portrait Retouching Photoshop- Behind the Edits

Creative Fashion Portrait Retouching Photoshop– Behind the Edits
In this video, you will learn how to do the Creative Photo Editing for Fashion Portraits. Using this technique you can create amazing Portrait composites or Portrait photo manipulation in Adobe Photoshop.This is not the step by step tutorial but I will explain each step I took to make this Creative Fashion Portrait Editing in Photoshop.


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I have started with these two images and combined them together in Photoshop.



It was a quick edit and I could have spent some more time to refine a few more things but I didn’t. But if you want you can work on the hairs a little bit more. See the final result below. 


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Creative Fashion Portrait Retouching Photoshop- Behind the Edits 1



Download Model Image-1

Download Model Image-2

Download Photoshop Action


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