Amazing Trick to Create Sketch-Photo Fusion in Photoshop |Photoshop Tutorial for Beginners


Amazing Trick to Create Sketch-Photo Fusion in Photoshop |Photoshop Tutorial for Beginners

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1 Amazing Trick to Create Sketch-Photo Fusion in Photoshop |Photoshop Tutorial for Beginners

Amazing Trick to Create Sketch-Photo Fusion in Photoshop |Photoshop Tutorial for Beginners 1

In this tutorial I will be showing an Easy and Amazing Trick to Create Sketch-Photo Fusion in Photoshop.

  1. Create Two Duplicate copies of the Background Layer of the image which you have choose to create the Pencil Sketch-Photo Fusion Effect. 1-Create 2 duplicate copies

2. Inverse the Image by Pressing CTR+I or CMD+I if you are using Mac. That would create the Negative effect in Photoshop. Or you can go to the Menu Bar and choose Image and from the drop-down menu select Inverse for the same result.

 2-Inverse the image

3. Now change the Layer Blend Mode to the Colour Dodge. That would turn the image into the outlines something like the image under. Though it does not clearly show all the outlines. In order to fix that we need to follow the next step.

 3-change the layer blend mode to color dodge

 4. Go the Filter and choose Blur and then choose Gaussian Blur.

 4-filter-blur-gausian blur

 5. Don’t Choose the Blur Radius too high otherwise it will take away all the highlights and we will be left with Pixels based image which we don’t want.

 5-dont chose higher radius

6. So, Choose the Radius where you can see all the outlines properly.

 6-chose radius where you can see outlines

7. Now Select Both the Duplicate layers which we have created in 1st Step and merge them together by Pressing CTR+E or CMD+E.

 7-select both the duplicate copies

8. Now you must be having the result similar to the image below but it still has colours on the outlines but we want to make it black and white so we need to De-Saturate it. You can do so by pressing CTR+U or CMD+U.

 8-desaturate the image

9. And then take the saturation slider way towards the left to de-saturate the outlines.

  9-take saturation slider to left

10. Now we need to work on the image to make it look like it has been hand drawn and not computer generated. So in order to do select one Hard Edge Brush from the brushes panel.

10-select hard edge brush

11. Go to the Brush settings as shown below but if it is not visible then you need to go the windows and check brush and then in the settings panel check Shape Dynamics. Now increase size slider to around 40%.

 11-check shape dynamics

 12. Now Check the Texture box.

12-check texture

 13. From the drop-down menu select any texture which you want which will give a variance to our brush.

 13-chose the texture you want

 14. Now Select Dual Brush Option.

 14-select dual bursh

 15. Chose a Secondary brush to give a further variance to our brush.

 15-chose secondary brush

16. Now select the Transfer option also and check the result by making some strokes of brush on the canvas and keep on playing with different sliders until you are happy with the result.

 16-select transfer

17. If you want you can save this brush as Brush pre-set for later use by going to the settings menu on the upper right corner of the brush Panel and give it a name and save it.

 17-save new brush preset

18. Now if you press the Brush pre-set panel, New Brush which we have just create must be there.

 18-New brush would be available in brush panels

19. Now make outlines with that brush on the entire image by choosing small pencil size of the Brush. You can reduce the size of the Brush by pressing [ key and increase the size by pressing ] key.

 19-Make outlines with black colors all around the image

20. Slowly outline the entire image without being precise just go rough with it that would give a more realistic result. If you are using Graphic Pen then it is very easy for you but with the help of mouse it becomes little uneasy.

 20-Outline entire image

21. Add some rough outlines to the blank canvass also to give realism to the sketch.

 21-Add some outlines to blank canvas as well

22. Now try to add some shades to the image by increasing the size of the brush with a low opacity of around 10% by looking at the Shadows in the Original image.

 22-Add shadings to the image

23. When you are finished with the outline and shading create a New Layer Mask from the layer Mask icon situated at the bottom right corner of layer panel in Photoshop. Now with the soft edge brush and Black colour, slowly mask out the certain part of the image.

 23-Add new layer mask and mask the certain parts

24. If you don’t like the result then fill the layer Mask with White colour again and mask out different part this time. Keep Experimenting with the result until you are happy.

 24-Try anothe side if you are not happy with the result

25. Now your result must be looking like this and our Pencil Sketch Photo Fusion in Photoshop is ready.

Little indian asian boy child looking at camera hand on chin
Little Indian asian boy child looking at camera hand on chin



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