girl child bride waitingOnce, I lost all the money in my account, I was only having around 500 INR around 10 $ and all my bills were lying unpaid ahead of me. At that time my being dwindling into Depression was inevitable, but somehow I stopped on the door of Rut. At that time, all the question marks were raised upon me. I was feeling as if I am inefficient person who could not earn even to pay off my bills. I was feeling like I was wasting my time doing the job which was not yielding me enough money to pay off my bills let alone the saving. I was feeling that I was a worthless person and I should run away from everything or may be disappear in oblivion. More and more thoughts of this kind, were intruding my mind and I was feeling helpless.  I have two kids to and a lovely wife to feed and that itself made me more worried. But somehow some insight came to me and I just applied POWER BREAK and woof! All those negative, self-sabotaging thoughts started disappearing and I started seeing Hope in No-hope. Somehow, I got some 5000 INR around 100 $ and I did pay most of my bills and thereafter situation got improved. At that time, I realized that having positive thoughts makes a great impact not only to our inner world but also outer world. Until then I used to feel, having positive thoughts was only a bookish thing and it has nothing to do with reality. But that experience changed my belief and made me more, stronger person to face the harsh reality of the world. Do I still get into Depression? Yes, sometimes but before it takes a big toll on me I do below mentioned things, and it just vapors out and turns into oblivion.

Things to do to Avoid Depression & stay Motivated in Odd Times

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You might be wondering, how going to the top of the roof could help me get out of Depression? It rather might lead to committee suicide. But wait, I am not sending you to the top of the roof for committing suicide, which is an offence under Indian Penal Code, punishable for one year or fine or with both, If, somehow you are fortunate not to die.

Section 309 in The Indian Penal Code

  1. Attempt to commit suicide.—Whoever attempts to commit suicide and does any act towards the commission of such offence, shall he punished with simple imprisonment for a term which may extend to one year 1[or with fine, or with both].


 I actually want you to get the top of roof and Look down on the street and just try to imagine yourself standing there over burdened with a bag full of problems and due to that he could not walk properly let alone seeing the right path which would take him to the main road.  So, how would you going to guide him? What would you suggest him to do first? I would certainly ask him to first throw away that big fat bag of problems, so that his vision is clear and he could concentrate on the options ahead.

This is just another way to having satellite approach to the problem. Because when you are being subjective to the problem you can’t see where you are heading or where you are supposed to go. So, just climb a tall tree and try to figure out where is the right path? May be your ladder is leaning on the wrong wall and you are busy climbing it and after lot of exertion you end up at the wrong place and get more frustrated than ever.  This is also called Leadership.



Now you might be wondering how one is supposed to smile despite all the troubles he is facing at the moment? You are right we cannot smile at that time but as it is said, “Fake it if you can’t make it.” That is why I have written Fake a big smile on your face and that smile should be big enough that your cheeks should touch your eyes.

Since it is scientifically proved that when we smile some kind of chemical process takes place in our brain which makes us happy and gives more strength to face anything.

Smiling arouses our brain’s reward mechanisms and that is somewhat similar to if we have won million dollar lottery. Smiling even changes our brain in a positive way and so to our outer world.

What I feel is that in any difficult situation what you need the most, is the strength to face it can be metal as well as physical strength. Another benefit of smile is that it somewhat relaxes your body and when you feel relaxed, your ability to think and take apt decision improves, which is what you need in such difficult situation.



When we feel that we have lost everything, we usually get into Depression and get demotivated. But if we could start counting on our blessings for a moment, and start being grateful for whatever we have, we tend to see the hope in the darkness. We realise that still there are so much left with us and we have not lost everything as our situation suggests to us. When we start counting our blessings like our loving family, our children, our possessions even small, our good health, the fact that we are still alive, we are rejuvenated with energy and motivation to build everything or anything again. So, it is very important to be grateful and express our gratitude towards whatever we have in order to avoid Depression and stay motivated to concur the world again.


When we hit by the Low time, when we lose all hope, it is very important to have something or somebody to keep our faith and hope upon. Because in this time it is very hard to believe in ourselves, but if we start forcing ourselves to believe into something someone who we can convince ourselves that he is out there and is going to help us out, we start getting some kind of good vibes and our glass which is empty of hope, starts filling up.

As you know every journey be it to Moon or Mars, it started from the hope and belief that something is out there and something we will find out there, despite the fact that it was all unknown and have never been explored. This only quality of human being of believing in unknown has made our world which exists now and will also transform the world which would be in future.

This is also scientifically proven that our mind is not capable to differentiate between reality and illusion. This can be easy proved that when we watch movies or play, we get emotional with it, we laugh, we even weep with it despite the fact that we know that actors are only acting. So, similarly when we start believing in ‘THE UNKONWN’, our brain gets message to start taking appropriate steps which are required in the given situation.


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